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Configure Your New Custom Rolls-Royce Ghost At Paul Miller Rolls-Royce

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a breathtaking luxury sedan that exudes in extravagance. Not only does it come with an exponential amount of power, but it's also filled with lavish amenities, high-end technology, and a plethora of sophisticated design features. The Rolls-Royce Ghost is also completely customizable. Every New Jersey or New York driver can create their own Rolls-Royce Ghost according to their preferences, likes, and wants. Here at Paul Miller Rolls-Royce, we can help you configure and purchase the new Rolls-Royce Ghost of your dreams.


Select "Bespoke" in the drop-down to begin building

How Can You Customize Your Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Practically every part of the Rolls-Royce Ghost can be customized. Here a just a few examples of how you could configure your Rolls-Royce Ghost to match you.

  • Custom Paint Color - While there are multiple suggested paint color options, you can choose whatever color you'd prefer or create your own color.
  • Custom Interior Inserts - Whether you'd like to use wood from your family acreage, you'd prefer a specific metal or veneer, or you'd like to have a certain type of leather for your upholstery, search through the available options.
  • Custom Spirit Of Ecstasy - The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy statue can be bejeweled with the precious stones of your choosing.
  • Custom Markings - Would you like your family crest to be branded into the leather upholstery? Is there a name you'd engraved on the treadplates? Is there another way that you'd prefer to have your Rolls-Royce Ghost personalized? Any of these are possible in a new Rolls-Royce Ghost configuration.
  • And Many Other Ways - Whether you're looking for a specific design feature, you'd prefer a different seating configuration, or you'd like the exterior to have a custom-to-you accessory, talk with our Paul Miller Rolls-Royce team to discover how we can make your Rolls-Royce Ghost truly your own.

Select "Bespoke" in the drop-down to begin building

Follow The Custom Order Process To Create Your Rolls-Royce Ghost

If you'd like to start the configuration process, we recommend following our custom order process.

  1. Click the link above
  3. Complete the build and get a configuration code
  5. Fill out the contact form with your information and the code and submit
  7. We'll contact you via your preferred method of contact

If you need assistance at any time throughout this process, don't hesitate to contact our Paul Miller Rolls-Royce dealership. Our team would be happy to answer your questions, help you configure your new Rolls-Royce Ghost to match your specifications, and assist you with filling out the necessary forms and paperwork.

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If you'd like to take a closer look at one of our current Rolls-Royce Ghost models, we'd love to have you visit from Middlesex County, Morris County, or beyond. We're located in Bergen County, NJ, and are available to help however you need. Contact us via phone, online chat, or text to set up an appointment or talk with one of our Rolls-Royce consultants. If you'd prefer, we're also available to discuss your leasing and loaning options or help you with your Rolls-Royce maintenance. Let's get you in the driver's seat of a customized Rolls-Royce Ghost today!

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