As much as we hate to say it, winter is almost upon us. Whether you're planning on driving your Rolls-Royce SUV around New York or New Jersey during the winter months, or you're getting ready to move to Florida for the winter, you'll want to make sure that your Rolls-Royce vehicle is well taken care of. Here are a few ways that our service center, here at Paul Miller Rolls-Royce, would love to help.

Store Your Vehicle for the Winter

If you prefer to store your luxury Rolls-Royce for the winter around Bergen County, you'll need to have it prepared for storage. Our service team can go over every part of your car or SUV and get it ready for its cold-weather hibernation. This includes routine maintenance, such as oil changes, fluid checks, and more, and specific winter services.

Drive Your Vehicle During the Winter

If you're planning on driving your Rolls-Royce SUV throughout the winter around Middlesex County, ensure that it's ready to go with routine maintenance and winter preparation services. These include:

  • Climate Control Inspection - Heat is an important part of winter driving. Make sure that the heater is working correctly, blowing out the right amount of air, and is connected to your remote options.
  • Snow Tire or Winter Tire Installation - Do you need winter tires? Allow our team to find you the perfect snow or winter tires for your Rolls-Royce SUV. We'll also install them for you, making sure your vehicle is in perfect balance.
  • Car Cover Purchase - Don't let the snow sit on your Rolls-Royce vehicle. We can find you the car cover your Rolls-Royce needs.
  • Battery Inspection or Replacement - Make sure that the battery in your Rolls-Royce car or SUV is charged and ready for the cold temperatures.

Transport Your Vehicle to Florida for the Winter

Are you planning on going somewhere warm during the winter? We don't blame you! Our Paul Miller Rolls-Royce dealership offers transportation for your Rolls-Royce vehicle. That way, you can fly down to Florida or any warm climate, and we'll meet you there with your car or SUV.

Contact Paul Miller Rolls-Royce With Any Questions

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you with your New York or New Jersey winter preparations, feel free to contact our Paul Miller Rolls-Royce dealership today!

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